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A Simple Love Story: Thanks and Author’s Notes

Hello everyone, I’m quite astonished, but A Simple Love Story has amazingly reached 300 downloads. So, here’s a celebratory image! (My pinky was hurting at the time, so, forgive me for any mistakes. Not that it should be allowed as an excuse, haha.) Really, I’m pretty excited right now, haha. Someone even sent me an […]

A Simple Love Story: Release

Hello again, everyone! This is a slightly late blog post, but here it is. A Simple Love Story is a romance and slice of life visual novel, that is fairly short (about 15-20 minutes on one route). The story is about a young man named Michael who happens to meet two of his classmates: Aceline […]

ASLS: We’re Getting There!

Hello, everyone! I’ve been working diligently on coding and artin’, so hopefully the GUI looks nice and simple. Very much like the name. The art… well, let’s hope it’s not too painful to the eyes, haha. I’ve put quite a bit of work into the art in general, so I do hope it’s easy on […]

It’s Been a While

Hello, everyone! Sorry for not posting the past couple of weeks, I didn’t want to spam you guys by making a post every two days or so, especially with nothing to show—it’s all writing. I made this post just to say I’m still alive, but I wouldn’t want to leave you guys with nothing to […]

Animated Ending

Hello, everyone! Progress on A Simple Love Story (previously untitled) is going smoothly. Well, there were a few bumps where I complained to my friends about writing, but, it’s going well! I’ve done 5/10 parts, and about halfway through the 6th part. Seriously guys, this is a really short VN. I’m guessing it’ll be, at […]