ASLS: We’re Getting There!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been working diligently on coding and artin’, so hopefully the GUI looks nice and simple. Very much like the name. The art… well, let’s hope it’s not too painful to the eyes, haha. I’ve put quite a bit of work into the art in general, so I do hope it’s easy on the eyes. (The backgrounds are a bit wonky, though.)

Since I’m about 99% done with the coding, I’ll be sending it off to my few beta-testers. Hopefully they’ll be done quickly, so that I can upload it and put up the final version before the end of the week. I hope some of you guys are hyped up for it!

Snow! For no reason!

I’m quite excited, to the point of unnecessarily coding more things before sending it out. And, I do have another visual novel idea in my head, although it won’t be done as quickly as ASLS would be. I’m (chocojax) also working on a few other projects, so my second visual novel will have to wait quite long before its concept and artwork will go public. There’s school, too. :(

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

(By the way, I’ve made a twitter for spaceNote. Feel free to follow it for quicker updates and my nonsense about visual novel making.)