A Simple Love Story: Thanks and Author’s Notes

Hello everyone,

I’m quite astonished, but A Simple Love Story has amazingly reached 300 downloads. So, here’s a celebratory image! (My pinky was hurting at the time, so, forgive me for any mistakes. Not that it should be allowed as an excuse, haha.)

Really, I’m pretty excited right now, haha. Someone even sent me an e-mail about it! Not that it was full of praise, but seeing how someone took the time out of their day to write a lengthy e-mail of their thoughts on my story made me really happy. Not only that, people did the same on a few other sites, so, I’d like to say thanks to them as well!

Anyway, here’s a short section where I’ll talk about what I’ve learned from creating ASLS, as well as what I’ve learned after releasing it.

(This whole entire author’s note is basically a rough draft, so you’ll see me ramble a lot.)

To sum up the entire page: it was a very enjoyable visual novel to work on, and I’m looking forward to the future projects I’ll be doing. I hope a few of you will too!