Animated Ending

Hello, everyone!

Progress on A Simple Love Story (previously untitled) is going smoothly. Well, there were a few bumps where I complained to my friends about writing, but, it’s going well! I’ve done 5/10 parts, and about halfway through the 6th part. Seriously guys, this is a really short VN. I’m guessing it’ll be, at most, an hour of reading (maybe add on a few more minutes). I’ll work hard on writing.

The main reason for this post was for me to show off something I doodled in half an hour. I thought about it after one of my friends bugged me about how to do his credits, so, I thought, why not have an animated ending? It won’t be too long anyway, seeing as I’m doing the story, art and programming, although I will credit the appropriate artists for the BGMs. Actually, wouldn’t it seem a bit strange to have, maybe, a minute long ending with only a few people to credit? It’ll be silly to see it, so it doesn’t matter too much.

Enjoy the rest of your day.