Tiny Update Once More

Hey guys!

Apologies for the really… really long delay in updates, but I was in the process of editing the demo draft, and…

It’s uh… I’m not happy with it! So, I’m starting with another draft, and it’s going along much better.

The thing is, while I don’t know if I’ll stay with this draft or if I’ll scrap it and start a new one, I’d rather not update the site constantly with “Well, I wrote, I guess!”

‘Cause of that, I’ll keep my head low in the mean time, and start poking out once I start on other important assets. After being happy with my script, of course.

So… yeah! I’m really sorry for the constant push-backs for the demo, but I’m still working on them. :>

Have a nice week, guys! And to those of you with finals, good luck!