Outlining and a New Layout (v.2)

Woo! I finally decided to get rid of that really badly coded layout and made a new one. Not to say this one was coded amazingly, but it’s a whole lot better. I had a ton of fun spending tons of hours on it too! The blog also updated with it, so the comments section looks a lot nicer.

Here’s a screenshot of the current version, for future archiving. I think it looks quite nice!

Anyway, school has finally started. It’s only just begun, so I still have some free time left. I’m planning on mainly using it to do requests for the other projects I’m on.

Well, between that, I’ll try to make an outline for my second idea. I already have a few goals in mind, which are: to delve more deeply into python/ren’py, and to (attempt to) strengthen my skills in character development writing. So, the idea I have right now won’t be too short, but won’t be amazingly long either (maybe I should go for an hour). Two characters, and I want to make it into a Kinetic Novel so it’s easier on me.

Since I have trouble putting down my thoughts into words, I’m going to go a different route than before, and try to write it down like a storyboard. It seems a lot easier to say what I want to happen through drawing anyway. (As for, “Why are you making a Visual Novel instead of a comic?”, I always die off during the process since it takes so long to complete. Maybe I’ll pick it up again, one day.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!