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Long Time No Post (Again!)

Hello, everyone! It’s been a long while since I’ve last posted, but I come with some changes and updates concerning The Witching Hour! Story: I’ve gone back and revised a few of the characters and plot points, including Kowen. After a brainstorming session with my musician Butler, he brought up a good point about Kowen […]


Happy Friday, everyone! This is quite late, but for NaNoRenO 2014, I worked with a small team of people to create: Visual Novel Tycoon is a fun Visual Novel Simulator, currently with three different paths. Please do try it out! (I’d rather not say anything else to take away the glory of this post, but […]

More Updates, I Suppose

Hello again, everyone! I’m really sorry about the redundant titles for these posts, but eh, I don’t really know what to write for them! :P Anyway, a lot of work has been done since the last update. You can see more info on the characters and such on the LSF thread. I’ll add-on to the […]

Some More Progress

Hello there, everyone! After a couple of weeks, my partner Butler and I have finally decided on a title: The Witching Hour. Sounds neat, in my opinion! It’s not very far along yet, but I did make a webpage for it. So, the basic gist/outline and back-stories are pretty well laid out now. All that’s […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As the title says, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all are doing well! There isn’t much to say, but, might as well since it’s a holiday! The title has changed from “The Wandering Witch” to “Knight of the Witch,” since the story has changed a little bit since then. I kind of wanted to […]