The Birth of a New Website

Hello, everyone!

I’ve made a new site, mainly because the previous site hoster, George, was being mean and because I felt like I needed a developer site that had an actual name, other than my own. So, I decided on spaceNote, which obviously means notes from space. The visual novels are notes from space. Get it?

I’m working on a short visual novel at the moment, due to me not being able to finish any projects. This only has thirteen short parts to it and I’m hoping the reading time will be from thirty minutes to an hour. It’s a harem where you have a choice of only two girls. It’ll mainly be a throwaway project or one of those projects that no one will remember anymore, but I’m still trying hard to make it entertaining to read and enjoyable to look at.

This layout was coded in a couple of hours, which took longer than expected since I forgot a lot of CSS. WordPress also has a new version compared to my last site, so I also had some difficulty in searching through the codes. I’m sorry about how bad the comment page looks. Please forgive me.

Enjoy the rest of your day.