Long Time No Post (Again!)

Hello, everyone! It’s been a long while since I’ve last posted, but I come with some changes and updates concerning The Witching Hour!

Story: I’ve gone back and revised a few of the characters and plot points, including Kowen. After a brainstorming session with my musician Butler, he brought up a good point about Kowen acting more as a plot point rather than a character. So, for the moment, I’ll try to see if I can switch him out who would work much better alongside Claire, one of the main characters.

In addition to that, I’ve fleshed the two main kingdoms in the story out a bit more.

Manituk is about half the size of Helitan, and has a large mountainous range cutting through the land. Most of the soil in Manituk is poor in nutrients and too thin for agricultural means. Their main staple product are various types of minerals and metals which can be found deep within the mountains.

Helitan is to the south of Manituk, encompassing a large southern portion of the continent. A very small portion of Manituk’s mountain range hits the northern border of Helitan, but not by much. Most of the land consists of lush hills and plains, with rich-nutrient soil. As such, they are one of the main providers of many different types of fruits and vegetables for the rest of its continent.

Between these two warring kingdom exists a small chain of islands called the Jade Isles. Since a miniscule portion of Manituk’s mountain range exists to the east side of the Jade Isles, they also have a handful of mineral resources. In addition, they also have fairly rich soil much like Helitan, although they do not come near the amount of different crops Helitan has. Due to most of its land borders consists of coastlines, their main product is seafood.

Art: I’ve finally started on finalized sprites for the demo, since I’ve been mainly working with writing instead of art for the past two or so months. I’m not completely finished with them, but here they are. (left to right: Claire, Kowen, Silver Tongue)

I’ve also started on one of the CGs that will be seen in the demo. It’s Claire coming out of a book, and stuff!

Anyway, I think that’s good enough for now. I’ll try hard to update at least once a month starting from now, heh.

Really, thanks for all of your support, everyone! :)


Happy Friday, everyone!

This is quite late, but for NaNoRenO 2014, I worked with a small team of people to create:

Visual Novel Tycoon is a fun Visual Novel Simulator, currently with three different paths. Please do try it out!

(I’d rather not say anything else to take away the glory of this post, but I did finish the first draft for The Witching Hour’s prologue, and am in the process of fixing it up. Expected date for release could be Late-April~Mid-May! Woo.)

As always, enjoy your weekend, everyone.

More Updates, I Suppose

Hello again, everyone!

I’m really sorry about the redundant titles for these posts, but eh, I don’t really know what to write for them! :P

Anyway, a lot of work has been done since the last update.

You can see more info on the characters and such on the LSF thread. I’ll add-on to the main website for tWH once finals are over!

I’m about 2/3rds done with the prologue, although the last third is quite long. Hoping to get the first draft done by next week, so that I can push out the demo by April or June, maybe?

Other than that, the outline for the main story is still about 3/4ths done. The main part Butler and I have to figure out is the political chunk of the story.

Butler’s been throwing out a lot of songs at me! There’s plenty for the demo at the moment, so he’s getting (well, he went on it himself) a break for now. :P

Here’s one BGM that’ll be in the main story, but not in the demo.

On the Field by Butler

In addition, I’ve asked my friend to compose a theme song of sorts for the story. He’s drummed up a few tests so far, and they all sound pretty great! The main reason I want this is because I’m hoping to animate a short opening, as well as a few endings for the main story.

Well, I’ve finished the concepts for the main characters so far, although poor Icario’s isn’t as polished as the rest.

(Click on them for higher res.)

In addition, here’s a mockup background and sprite for the demo.

(Click for higher res.)

That’s about it for now, I suppose. See you all next time!

Some More Progress

Hello there, everyone!

After a couple of weeks, my partner Butler and I have finally decided on a title: The Witching Hour. Sounds neat, in my opinion!

It’s not very far along yet, but I did make a webpage for it.

So, the basic gist/outline and back-stories are pretty well laid out now. All that’s left (for the writing portion) is to polish some of it up more and to start writing on the first draft. I’ll probably write parts of the main story and a demo. The latter will just be some extra info on the Witch’s childhood, as well as something I can present to get some additional advice and criticism on. I’m pretty excited!

You can already see a very short synopsis on the website, but here’s one in more detail: A wandering knight is desperately searching for the weapon from the legends. He manages to find it in the midst of a siege, but along with it, he discovers a witch who pops right out of a book. From there, these two begin their adventure.

I’m not too good at writing summaries/intros, but, eh! It will do for now. :P

Enjoy your week, everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As the title says, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all are doing well!

There isn’t much to say, but, might as well since it’s a holiday!

The title has changed from “The Wandering Witch” to “Knight of the Witch,” since the story has changed a little bit since then. I kind of wanted to make a pun on the title like “Night of the Witch,” but I don’t think I could put some sort of event like that in the story. So, “Knight of the Witch!”

I’ve gotten a cleaner outline on the storyline as well as a clearer idea on the main characters (Witch and Knight) and a good idea on the villain’s background. I’d rather not show any concept work on the latter, since I’m still deciding on it.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!